About The Fair Acres Group


Fairacres Hortec Limited is the agrobusiness division of The Fair Acres Group. The four primary farms are in Kirinyaga County and produce export grade avocado, coffee and tea. The primary crop is avocado which brings in 70% of the agrobusiness revenue.

Real Estate

Fair Acres Home Owners Management Limited is the real estate development and property management division of The Fair Acres Group. The company currently 

Conference & Hospitality

Conference and hotel facilities are in the planning stages. The conference with the accompanying hotel and recreational facilities will be located in Karen on beautiful plot of 6.6 acres. The facility is close to many of Nairobi’s attractions, as well as the international airport.

In Kirinyaga, The Fair Acres Group will open up a large country estate to serve as a retreat facility. Renovations are currently underway to be completed in the near future.

The Fair Acres Group is a private company engaged in four areas of business. Founded in 1969 by James and Faith Mathenge, the group was initially fully invested in tea and coffee farming in Kirinyaga.

Since then, Fair Acres has expanded to include Real Estate, Conference and Hospitality and Technology divisions. The four companies form The Fair Acres Group with the main offices in Karen, Kenya.

While the agrobusiness continues to be a main activity within the company, the focus is on diversifying the real estate assets. Specifically, the companies will look for opportunities in developing and managing commercial real estate. In 2015, a residential property was completed in Karen consisting of 19 villas in a gated community. The development includes full services for tenants including a recreational facility, security services and common grounds maintenance. In addition the property development provides water through two boreholes, mitigating the risk of poor water service from the local government.

In addition to farming and real estate development, The Fair Acres Group has developed expertise in business technology provision, specifically in the areas of records management and web collaboration systems. Most of these solutions are based on Microsoft SharePoint solutions, but also include Open Source development for sales and marketing and general web presence.

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